Accessible communications

Government information should be as accessible and inclusive as possible and in the Government Communication Service (GCS) we all have a role in making our communications accessible. This page sets out the standards we should all strive to meet, with guidance on how to create accessible content.

Accessible by default resources

The GCS Innovation Lab has created a range of resources to raise awareness on the importance of accessible digital communications, in collaboration with GCS members and experts in accessibility and disability, from across the Civil Service. These resources have been created to accurately reflect access issues and suit the needs of GCS communicators.

For GCS Members
Read the Accessible by default resources

GCS Accessibility Standards

The following document sets out the accessibility standards which all GCS communications content must meet, including links to guidance on how to do so. It also helps you to think through how you can make your content inclusive to different audiences, so that it has a wider and more effective impact.

British Sign Language Guidance

In 2022, the British Sign Language (BSL) Act became law, meaning that British Sign Language is a recognised language of the UK. The BSL Act states that BSL should be considered actively for any public announcement on policy or changes to the law, including:

  • publication of plans, strategies, policy and other consultations and consultation responses
  • press conferences
  • social media and 
  • websites

This guidance helps government communicators, policy officials and others provide BSL bespoke content, translations and interpretation to those who need it.

For GCS Members
Read the British Sign Language Act guidance

Guidance, learning and resources

Learning about accessibility is a journey, not a project. Assistive technology is always evolving and communicators need to stay up to date with these developments so they can focus on the user needs.

Get involved in the conversation! 

Join the government accessibility community to ask questions about accessibility, develop your knowledge, and stay up to date with the latest developments and . Anyone working within the UK public sector can join the Google group.