Civil Service Job Share Finder


Job sharing is when 2 colleagues share the work and responsibilities of one full-time job role. They each work for part of a week and will typically have a handover meeting at an agreed time midweek.

The Civil Service Job Share Finder website is an online job-share database that helps civil servants find and manage information so that they can make compatible job-share matches with other civil servants.

The website also has a Resource Library on its front page which is open to all to learn more about job sharing and flexible working too.

Benefits of job Sharing

Colleagues gain:

  • improved Work/Life Balance
  • opportunities to develop complementary knowledge and skills with a job share partner
  • a way to progress career aspirations without having to work full time

Line management gains:

  • increased staff engagement
  • enhanced staff creativity
  • improved staff productivity
  • maintained business continuity

Civil Service gains:

  • increased talented staff retention
  • improved delivery outcomes
  • enhancement of the Civil Service ‘Brand’
  • a greater place to work for all

You can also find out more about Job Sharing from the CS Blogs Job Share.


To contact the Civil Service Job Share Finder team email: