Why is diversity and inclusion important to us?

A message from Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications

“I want all government communicators to champion and value the many communities that make up modern Britain. Understanding all our audiences is a fundamental part of what we do as government communicators, and it’s crucial to our communications having impact. Across the UK and the rest of the world, we engage on tough issues with a diverse range of people. The way we speak, act and deliver our communications must reflect the diversity of the audiences we serve.

For this reason, it is vital that the Government Communication Service (GCS) is a representative and inclusive environment and that we encourage our colleagues to develop and grow in confidence, removing barriers to success. As a leadership team, we have made a commitment to improve our approach to diversity and inclusion by championing difference – celebrating our role models, understanding – and acting on – what our people tell us and ‘designing out’ any unconscious bias from our processes.

Our ambition is to make GCS the ‘go to’ employer of choice so that we can attract and retain the most talented people – regardless of background, ethnicity, gender or disability. We recognise that to be the best, we need the best – and this can only be achieved by an open, transparent culture and a workforce that is truly diverse.”

Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications
The Diversity and Inclusion strand of the GCS Improvement Programme ties into efforts across the Civil Service to remove barriers to success. Find out more about this in the Civil Service’s Talent Action Plan.