Internal Communications case studies

A colleague working in Internal Communications tells us a bit about his work.

Gerrard Hartland, Internal Communications Officer, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), Birmingham

gerrardh-internal-comms-officerWhat do you do?

I work with all areas of NHSBT to improve communication with staff.

My colleagues work all over the country across lots of different sites.  Many of them are out with donors taking blood, obtaining organs or tissues for transplant , transporting these valuable products to all parts of the UK and do not sit in an office in front of a computer, so internal communication is a real challenge.

I raise awareness of our organisation’s aims and objectives and help ensure our values underpin the work we do.

Why do you like working in government communications?

We are a Special Health Authority. Our work relies on the altruism and generosity of our donors: together we save and improve lives.

I interact regularly with those who support our work by taking time out of their day to donate.  I also work with people who have benefitted from our services. Look us up online if you want to donate blood or register as an organ donor.

It’s very fulfilling to work for an organisation doing something good in the world.

What issues/campaigns do you work on?

NHSBT staff are advocates for all our campaigns so my work to get them involved can vary greatly from month to month.

It can include supporting quarterly blood donor recruitment campaigns, raising awareness of National Transplant Week, promoting our staff survey and much more.

I also design the in-house staff magazine which is our main internal communication channel.

What is your greatest achievement within government communications?

Government communications regularly win national and international awards. Being recognised as one of the Institute of Internal Communications 30 under 30 for 2013 was a particularly personal achievement.

It was great to be considered alongside a number of outstanding communication professionals for my work within NHS Blood and Transplant.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m counting down to start of the American football season…