Delivering government campaigns

The Government Communication Service (GCS) delivers strategic, audience-led campaigns and sets world-class standards for implementation and delivery.

Through these campaigns, communications professionals play a key role across government in:

  • changing behaviour by encouraging people to lead healthy, safer lives
  • ensuring operational effectiveness of government by informing people about public services
  • enhancing and maintaining the reputation of the UK and responding in times of crisis, including promoting interests internationally
  • explaining government policies and programmes to clarify legal or statutory requirements

Set up a government campaign website

We give guidance for government departments on the GOV.UK campaigns offer.

Digital brand safety in advertising

The SAFE Framework introduces new standards for digital brand safety in HM Government advertising.


The cross-government campaigns team is a small unit based jointly in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet Office. With experts drawn from all communications disciplines, it delivers campaigns on issues of priority for the Prime Minister or where a cross-government effort is essential to success.

The role of the team is:

  • consultancy and best practice (behaviour change, marketing expertise, low-cost campaigns)
  • campaign strategy and implementation
  • troubleshooting and creative development
  • government to government consultancy overseas
  • professional assurance (formally ERG) to ensure money spent on communications is effective and provides value for money for the taxpayer
  • protect, advise and ensure the effective usage of the government’s identity and brand