Quality Assurance Framework

The Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) validates and promotes ‘next level’ excellence in public service communication.

Functional Standards

The Government has published a series of Functional Standards.

The Communication Government Functional Standard (‘GovS011’) gives us a comprehensive baseline for the communications profession. It brings together GCS initiatives ranging from Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM2.0) to the Professional Assurance (PASS) process for spending and the competency framework.

Use the Quality Assurance Framework

Quality assurance framework diagram

The Quality Assurance Framework shows Government Communication Service (GCS) leaders on a single page how standards of government communication will be assessed.

Quality Assurance Framework (Powerpoint, 963KB, 1 page)

Check your team’s structure and performance

Check your team’s structure and performance against the areas listed under Governance, Campaigns, Practices and People.

In particular, ensure that:

  • you are compliant with, and can provide assurance on, governance and spending control requirements
  • your strategic aims align with the Government Communications Plan
  • all your staff are compliant with the GCS and Civil Service Code of Conduct and Ethics
  •  communications follow the GCS framework for planning, evaluation and insight
  • teams are structured in accordance with MCOM principles
  • team activity follows MCOM best practice, as set out in GCS operating models
  • recruitment, development of your people and talent development uses the tools specified in the Leadership and People section of the QA Framework
  • the GCS Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is embedded in all your team’s work, including delivery of communications itself


If you have any questions, contact Jo Pennington, Head of Standards, Performance and Innovation.