Strategic communication

Strategic communication sets, coordinates and guides the implementation of communication activity.

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Strategic communication in government

Strategic communication puts audience understanding at the heart of policy and service design, resulting in better decision-making and improved delivery. 

Our standards

Strategic Communications: MCOM Function Guide

The function guide identifies the core functions of a strategic communication team, key principles of structure and practice. 

Insight and evaluation

Insight and evaluation are two of the functions within strategic communication. 


Insight is information and data that drive thinking and guides actions. Our aim is to make government communication as effective as possible.


Evaluation allows us to assess campaign performance in delivering objectives. As the GCS, it’s vital that we demonstrate the impact of what we do and ensure that our work is effective as possible. 

Learning and resources

Start learning at your own pace and build the skills you need, using our curriculum. You can also engage with our strategic communication blogs and resources.