Strategic communication

Communication is a powerful force for good in public service, when practised effectively it can help save, improve and enhance lives.

Strategic communication sits alongside the other disciplines but has a particular role to set, co-ordinate and guide the implementation of activity, based on insight, in a timely way, as part of an overarching plan to deliver against agreed priorities to priorities to measurable effect.

The Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM) function guide developed by the GCS Heads of Strategic Communication network identifies the core functions of a strategic communication team, key principles of structure and practice.

The purpose of the guide is to:

  • set out the functions a strategic communications team should provide to its department and ministers;
  • show how to run brilliant campaigns;
  • structure strategic communications teams around four key functions; and
  • share best practice between GCS teams and our partner bodies.

Strategic communication: MCOM function guide (PDF 3MB)