Research Marketplace

Guidance if you need to appoint an agency to carry out research to inform or evaluate campaign activities, you need to use a compliant procurement route.

Research Marketplace Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) framework

GCS and Crown Commercial Service have developed an agreement open to the whole of the public sector including local government, known as the Research Marketplace Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

As a dynamic purchasing system, the platform allows suppliers to sign up to offer their services at any time over the term of the agreement. This provides research professionals with greater access to specialist and small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) research agencies.

Suppliers provide details of their research services, and customers can use the system to filter and refine their search to develop a list of providers based on audience, methodology, territory and topic.

Find more details about the Research Marketplace DPS on the Crown Commercial Service website.

Agencies on the agreement

As a dynamic purchasing system, agencies can apply to join the agreement at any time. Once they have completed and satisfied selection requirements, they will join the roster of appointed suppliers to the Research Marketplace.

How to use the framework

Customer guidance for using the framework and developing your research brief is available and includes step-by-step details on how to write a research brief.

Accessing the framework

To register as a research buyer, you need to:


If you have an internal procurement team, it is recommended that you speak to them about your plans to use Research Marketplace to buy the support you need.

You can also contact the Marketing, Communications and Research Category Team at Crown Commercial Service. They can offer comprehensive advice and guidance to help you to get the most from your budget to gather robust, cost-effective research.