Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points: 2

Insight takes information and data beyond ‘interesting’ – it drives thinking and guides action.

Understanding audiences and the behavioural context is essential for effective communications. By finding out more about audiences’ behaviours, intentions, attitudes and communication preferences, insight can help to make sure government communications are as relevant, meaningful and impactful as possible.

Use insight to make communication effective

Our aim is to use insight across the Government Communication Service (GCS) to make government communications as effective as possible by:

  • building an evidence base of what techniques we know work best with different audiences
  • sharing knowledge about our audiences across different government organisations
  • replicating communication approaches that are most effective for our audiences across different campaigns
  • better scheduling of communications with audiences throughout the year to help avoid duplication
  • saving money by commissioning fewer, cross-cutting studies to understand audience habits

Insight Framework

The Insight Framework will help you:

  • understand how audiences relate to each other
  • build a rounded picture of your audience
  • defines and really matters to them


Insight library

The insight library on the Knowledge Hub hosts information for all government communicators on trends and insight into various audience groups. 

The GCS Knowledge Hub is a community for all government communicators to share best practice and access useful resources on insight and evaluation.


The Cabinet Office insight team:

  • helps commission audience research for new government campaigns
  • monitors important trends across the communications industry that impact upon our work
  • helps to share best practice on current audience insight across the GCS profession

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