IC Space Live 2021!

Join us for the Internal Communications event of the year!

IC Space Live is an exciting opportunity for internal comms practitioners across the Government Communication Service (GCS) to come together as a community and celebrate our successes, share learnings and experiences from the last 18 months or so and think about our future challenges.

The events will highlight the value that internal comms brings and will showcase some insightful internal case studies and success stories. IC Space Live 2021 will be taking place over two consecutive days:

  • Event 1: Wednesday 7 July, 10:00-11.45 – Theme of ‘Building back better – Adapting IC for a post-pandemic world’
  • Event 2: Thursday 8 July, 10:00-11.45 – Theme of ‘How the future of work will impact IC’

This year, like most events, IC Space Live will be held virtually over Microsoft Teams. The event will be packed with a mixture of interactive Q&A sessions, panel discussions, L&D updates, live polls and more. We have a range of exciting speakers lined up who will be sharing their insights, learnings and experiences, so don’t miss out!

Ways you can get involved

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, both in advance of the events and on the day:

In advance of the events:

1. Showcase a success

Submit a brief case study (no more than 500 words) on a communications approach or internal campaign that you or your team are proud of from the last 18 months, thinking in particular about how it may have changed the way you and/or your team will do IC in the future. The approach or campaign should have wider relevance to the majority of internal communications professionals across government.

Heads of Internal Communications will select the best 3 case studies, with the teams involved invited to share their case study with the wider community in a live 10-minute session on Wednesday 7 July. All case studies submitted will be available after the events on the IC section of the GCS website.

2. Share your passion for IC

Why not record a short (10-15 second) video clip that we can show at the events?

You can send in a video either of yourself or of a stakeholder that you work closely with:

  • Video 1: Tell us why you’re passionate about working in IC, starting with the words: ‘I’m proud to work in Internal Comms because…’
  • Video 2: Invite a stakeholder to tell us about the value that IC adds for them, starting with the words: ‘I’m a fan of Internal Comms because…’

Deadline: 18 June

All videos should be recorded landscape and sent to Caitlin.Sheedy@education.gov.uk using Google Drive or WeTransfer no later than Friday 18 June.

For the best quality video, ensure that you are recording in a well-lit area and try to position the camera so that the light is in front of you rather than behind. Try to find a place with minimal background noise and speak as clearly as possible.

If you are unable to send a video via Google Drive or WeTransfer, please contact Caitlin.Sheedy@education.gov.uk to find an alternative route.

We’ll make a montage of all the videos we receive to show at the events. All videos will also be available after the events on the IC section of the GCS website.

On the day

We’re planning to use Microsoft Teams functionality to enable live interaction on the day and will also be using sli.do to capture comments and questions in real time during the sessions.

Who are the events for?

The 2 events are open to all those working in internal communications across the Government Communication Service (GCS) or those from other communications disciplines with an interest in internal communications and have been designed to complement each other (so we’d encourage you to attend both).

Attendance at each session will also be worth 2 CPD points as part of your Personal Development Plan.