Campaign platform: how to deploy the cookie consent banner

Details of Google Tag Manager code and the difference between standard and marketing cookies.

How to enable the Cookiebot banner

Read our guidance and find out more information in the additional reference sites:

Google Tag Manager (GTM) code

Users with Administrator access need to insert your GTM code (for example GTM-56XYZ), in the “Set Up Analytics” section in your campaign platform site dashboard (the same area that you would have added your Google Analytics (GA) code).

It’s also important that you delete the GA code from WordPress and reset, so the analytics area only contains the GTM code. If you do not do this, it seems to result in GA cookies being set before users can consent either way, as soon as users arrive on the page.

Difference between standard cookies and marketing cookies

The law distinguishes between essential and non-essential cookies. You need consent for any non-essential cookies, and that includes analytics and marketing cookies. We shouldn’t be asking for consent for necessary cookies that we cannot switch off.

PECR compliance applies to all public websites

Privacy Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) applies to all non-essential cookies on all public websites, not just campaign sites. It does not apply to intranets or sites behind log-on credentials.

Cookie consent general requirements

Each department is responsible for its own cookie consent banner and will need to undertake their own checks, and importantly this must include with their DPO. The Government Communication Service will not check if this cookie banner meets requirements.