Websites for government campaigns

How to set up a new government campaign website

A campaign is a planned sequence of communications and interactions that uses a compelling narrative over time to deliver a defined and measurable outcome.

Government communicators may require a website to support a campaign. This guidance explains, if you can demonstrate the need for a website, how to set one up using the new government campaigns platform, or by building a separate bespoke website.

Campaign platform

The government’s new campaigns platform offers communicators the opportunity to create secure, easy to build campaign sites free of charge. The Environment Agency’s “Floods Destroy” campaigns site on the campaigns platform is a good example. The Department for Education’s “Tackle Child Abuse” campaigns site is another good example.

A site on the campaigns platform must be:

Sites that don’t meet the above criteria or must host a transactional element (eg where people use a government service) need to go through the normal Cabinet Office exemptions route.

Before filling out your application please consider:

An increasing number of the public now get their news and information from social media and other digital channels. Before requesting a campaign site, make sure you’re confident you have a evidenced based strategy for getting your target audiences to engage with it. Ensure you’ve explored all other options with your department’s Head of Digital Communications, who is a member of the Digital Centre of Expertise (DCOE). If you’re an ALB, contact your sponsor department

You don’t need a campaign website for:

    • generic news announcements, statutory guidance or policy updates
    • duplicating information already on GOV.UK
    • essential information about government services, this should be on GOV.UK

Building a new campaign website

Timings: Please ensure you have allowed at least 4 weeks from the time you submit your application to your site being built if approved. If your campaign has Professional Assurance approval, submit your application straight away.

Find out how to apply for a campaign page through the Government Digital Service.