As members of the Government Communication Service (GCS), it is vital that we demonstrate the impact of what we do and ensure that our work is as effective as possible.

Evaluation allows us to assess our performance in delivering on objectives such as changing behaviour, improving operational effectiveness, building the reputation of the UK and explaining government policies and programmes.

Our approach to the measurement and evaluation of our communication needs to be outcome focused, robust, consistent and of a world class standard. This section includes useful information on the latest news, initiatives, tools and resources available.

Evaluation Framework 2.0 (PDF, 494KB, 32 pages)

It is designed to help GCS members to:

  • Improve evaluation capability and standards in line with industry best practice.
  • Develop SMART communication objectives and KPIs.
  • Use evaluation to improve the effectiveness of all communication and campaign activity.
  • Share and promote best practice evaluation techniques across GCS.


Email: insight@cabinetoffice.gov.uk