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GCS Evaluation User Guide GCS Evaluation Framework

The GCS Evaluation Framework is designed to help standardise the set of evaluation measures we collect and report on for each type of communications activity and for the range of communication objectives we set out to achieve. The use of consistent data and reporting means that we can draw more meaningful conclusions about our work. It can also assist with benchmarking and target setting.

The Framework is based on the latest industry thinking and reflects the needs of a modern, integrated and outcome focused communications function and clarifies the importance of communicators demonstrating the impact of their activities across all disciplines.

Download the Evaluation Framework here

Download the recommended low-cost and no-cost reporting template (created by BEIS)

Download an example of a completed low-cost/no-cost template

Useful Links and Data Sources

This document brings together in one place a variety of sources of information and tools that you might use to help you evaluate your communication activity. The tools listed in this guide are not specifically recommended – their suitability will of course depend upon your activity, but they are listed as worth investigating.

Useful Links and Data Sources (PDF, 91kb)

Case studies presented at Comms Academy (02/11/16)

Pregnancy and maternity campaign, Equality and Human Rights Commission (PDF, 1mb)

Universal-Credit-Campaign (PDF, 1.6mb)

HSE-Beware-Asbestos-Presentation (PDF, 1.4mb)

Apprentice-GIGF-presentation (PDF, 2.4 mb)