Media buying

When running communications and campaigns, media channels (such as advertising space, partnerships, events and sponsorship) regionally, nationally and internationally across off and online channels may need to be bought.

An agreement exists to enable government and wider public sector organisations to buy media channels from a single supplier, Manning Gottlieb OMD (a division of OMD Group Ltd), who have set up a government media team to buy across all off and online channels on your behalf in the UK and overseas.

This gives a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced advertising spend and transparency of where taxpayers’ money is spent and on what;
  • commission fee neutrality;
  • high quality media placement;
  • robust pricing guarantees and benefits methodologies;
  • enhanced terms and conditions;
  • annual contract review;
  • performance management and incentives;
  • flexible framework agreement;
  • process efficiency effectiveness;
  • best practice sharing;
  • access

Before using this agreement you must have internal approval for your budget. If you’re in Central Government and spending over £100,000, you will need approval from the Professional Assurance Group.

If you are a new customer email Adam Skinner, Group Projects Director, at who will assign a member of the media team to you.

Email or check the Crown commercial Service (CCS) website for more information about the agreement.